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Originally Posted by spanky View Post
Ya know, this ain't the first time a former powerhouse team lost its HOF QB and then had to go through a multi year/decade drought before finding the next stud.

I bet that many here don't recall just how shitty Green Bay was in the '70's,
'80's, and even early '90's before gaining any relevance. Of course, that was largely (no pun intended) due to Mike Holmgren becoming the head coach and eventually brining in Favre. The post-Aikman Cowboys aren't as bad but let's face it, things were ugly there for a while and they still aren't sure which Romo will show up. And then there's the post-Montana 49er's....

Anyway, I'm anxious to see what Tebow can do and keeping my fingres crossed.

It will be interesting with Tebow. I do think with the Broncos' current record that they need to figure Tebow out-- Is he the QB of the future or not? Some argue that no matter what he has to become a "pro-style" QB to be successful. I'm not convinced of that--I do think, no matter what his passes have to be more accurate. He is a competitor and leader-- no one argues that he isn't. Will he make it in the NFL?

But yes, it will be interesting to find out.
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