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We rode back into town and hopped on the Day Road, or what I used to call Perry Stream Road back in my upland bird hunting basically runs parallel to the Indian Stream Road, but just a bit East of it.

We rode this to the upper section where we ran into a guy working a backhoe for the State Dept of Trails...he recommended that we not go any farther down the trail, as the local wardens would not appreciate it. So we didn't push our luck, but reserve this for another day.

Tyrebitr programmed a gps route from Pittsburg to Maine, and came up with the Magalloway Road which takes us out a remote logging road. We investigate a side road which take us to a trail that promises to lead us to a fire tower. We figure it's aptly named.

We're a couple of old coots, so we start hiking. I figured maybe 10 or 15 minutes..... about 800 verticle feet and an hour later:

We climb to the top of the tower


You can rent that little caretakers cabin if you want and set up housekeeping for the summer.

Bring a coupla bottles of hooch and that honey you met at the laundry'll be all set.

Till the next morning....

We continued on down the road, and this doe waited long enough for me to get a few pictures of her.

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