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the main thing i try to let people know esspecially newbs is gear up, and get the best stuff you can "afford" normally its not that people dont want the nicer gear its that they cant afford it. i can say with out a doubt without gear i would be dead several times over. my crash this year was the worst ive ever had. my right front brake line rubbed through after a bird strike earlyer in the day. i stopped to look at the radiator but i didnt check my brake lines my fault, kinda a freak accident. i was wearing my normal riding set up regardless of if its 100 or 40 the only thing i change is the layers inside. i was wearing a frank thomas full 1 piece suit leather it has full perf chest and upper legs and entire back, my first inner layer was a columbia wind blocker, then a teknic full length spine protector then a thin high performance fleece long sleeve then cold weather compression top and bottom. i had alpine stars cool max socks knee high with alpine star smx plus boots, i had alpine star sp1 gloves on my hands, i had a arai corsair McCoy replica helmet on. i crashed into the woods at ehhh 50 ish. my helmet took a good hit to the left side, my carbon knuckles on my right hand where crushed in but no rips tears or anything else. my hand was fractured, my suit also had only light scracthes and no holes..........until the paramedics arrived and cut the suit off and everything else but my boxers, they didnt cut off my gloves and did cut off 1 boot. i broke my femur, my tib and my fib and fractured my right hand all breaks where on the right hand side, if i remember right thats what i hit the tree i came to a stop with was my right side.

ive crashed at the track above 130 and walked away with a heat burn from that leather getting realy realy hott as i slide down the track, and a few bruise's. my leathers are still usable to this day with no holes but a few seams busted which were repaired. my gloves where trashed with seams letting go and openings up where you could see my skin but i recieved no damage, my helmet a hjc i bought that morning was destroyed. again i lived

now offroad ive had a good deal more crashes but the safety gear there has done its job well. i think my old chest protector has take so much abuse its not funny, i put it to rest after a sinch strap broke as i was putting it on for a ride. i wont ride with out gear, ive tried riding with jeans and a jacket and i feel naked and exsposed. i have seen crashes with textile gear and the gear is always trashed the people have survived but they took some damage.

right now how ever im at a time in my life where i want to try the adventure bike thing, and i notice almost nobody wears leather most people i see are in textile. i was about to buy a heated jacket off somebody here but i dont know what kinda armor the text jacket has or how good it is. so my plan is to buy a heated liner which i can put in any of my gear and use that. im kinda looking at first gear kat jacket and pants or the joe rocket nano gear but i just dont know if i trust textile enough to do it. i dont care if its a 1 use thing i care that it has to protect me in that 1 use.
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