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Days of “Paradise”. TX

Romancing the Road surfaces within these present times when the feel and the act of the season changes are imminent. When suddenly there is a table ahead of me and not a handlebar. When I am reading in the darkness of the evening which approaches by the day faster, others past rides, drives, hikes. When the maps are laid out instead of a glance toward a GPS and slowly eyes half closed, head resting on a pillow the imagination runs wild and the questions of if we have been here or there arises to no end. A cold spell was welcome a few days ago, again the heat has come back yet without it's past degrees, however enough to harbor shade with a big welcome. I feel as we are in between costume changes, as the stage is turning around on it's own axis not quiet yet and smooth on gears which makes her hesitate.
“Mariscal Mines” in the Big Bend Park had been calling since last winter. We could not make due with the present road. We end up in the heat of “Terlingua Abaja” instead, a road a bit friendlier. The Sunrise at “Santa Elena Canyon” one morning offered a state of mind unlike any others while within the solitude of the tall rocks. It offered photos I now cherish, the ones which bring me the coolness of that morning. A ride to one of my favorite little town “Alpine” discovering “Murphy Street” which slowly is dressing up in vivacious colors.
The heated gear will be out soon... no doubt, I now feel it throughout every night.
The writing goes on, the photos show up and a couple entries later standing in the middle of this vast one million acre land here we are!

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit
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