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Originally Posted by RoundlightKnight
Required elements are different for European rides. The latest version of the rules state that Barns may be substituted with a nude woman in the distant background.

25 Barn points

The rules for other required elements, food and a bridge, still apply.

25 Food points
25 Bridge points
=75 points for required elements
Well done.

Now for the extra credit.

Double decker bus that's NOT red.
20 points

More extra credit:
15 Scenery
7.5 Boats
29.2 Humor
15 neat roads
15 Photo in Motion
15 Lean angle shots
5 Guy peeing
5 More neat roads
14.6 More Humor, Mucho funny Reporto Senior

201.3 RideReport Points

Hmm.. Deductions are hard to find here.

Jordi's lack of gear.
If he had decent gear and we just dont see it, these points will be returned to their rightful owner.

Bikes are too clean.

Your score is 172.7 of a possible 100 Ride Report Points.

Great Report. Thanks!

Thanks, RLK. Sweet scoring system!

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