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Saturday---heading West to ?????

My old group I hang with at the rally was devastated when we got there.
Our campsite had been molested--the one we had for 20 years----completely gone.
Our old firepit was gone and they cut down the huge trees right by it and we wandered around
like blind people trying to find a place to camp----------it just wasn't the same.
I hate change (Grumpy Old Men)

I had decided to take off in the morning and leave the rally the next morning and do some riding West of Potosi and informed my old riding buddies that was what I was going to do.
But that was a new one--we always rode around there and stayed at the rally---and no one wanted to join me.

So--the next morning me and High Five roared off West---just the 2 of us.

For you people who have never ridden in Southern Missouri----I'm telling you it is pure heaven. Stay South of I-44 and you are good to go. So many dirt and gravel roads--and nice paved ones that follow the natural terrain. It is very hilly and they are literally hundreds----I guess thousands of creeks crossings and fords to be made.
I've also ridden dirt bikes over here since the early 70's---and know lots of trails and even quite a bit of single track the quadtards hadn't found yet.

I had my gps navigating to an old railroad culvert that I had seen picture of and heard about on AdvRider----we meandered all
over the place following every dirt and gravel road we could find that led kind of toward the culvert----kind of !!!!
I don't really let a gps tell me where to go---but take suggestions.--sometimes.

It's located Here:

N37 50.704
W91 10.548

I recommend yo don't go down the road going North of the Culvert----it's a dead end---there are some really nice people living at the end---and I bet they are getting tired of bikes coming down there.

This old railroad tressel is just West of the Culvert at a low water crossing.

And this is the river going under it.

We didn't really know where we end up tonight---but it was awesome.
I had an invite to camp at StuDad's (Stuart) ranch---we'd didn't know if we'd get there or not as
we were wandering around so much.

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