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This has probably been asked a hundred times in various threads but can anyone recommend a garage floor epoxy that doesn't suck? I just bought a new house with an awesome 3 car garage, but the Rustoleum epoxy they used has disintegrated into a terrible mess. I need to cover it asap.
I work for a painting contractor. We prefer to use this, as opposed to paint/epoxy products. This stuff is much thinner and doesn't form a layer, like paint/epoxy. What it does is seals into the pores of the concrete and forms a barrier. The colors look just like paint, from a distance. However, when you get up on it, it looks almost like colored concrete. You're not going to walk up to it with a scraper and scrape it off like a layer paint. The directions say to reduce the first coat. This is so that it can penetrate even the smallest pores. You'll need to figure 2 coats, minimum. We did a guy's garage and whole driveway, in a pattern no less, with this stuff. If you actually park vehicles in your garage, I'd recommend something like this for those bays. They're moderately expensive, but, an excellent investment in your floor and concrete. The DOT crews are increasingly using calcium chloride on the roads, as a snowmelt. That stuff eats anything, including concrete and your car.

Here's the bad news. You don't want to just cover what's already on your floor. You've got to get that crap up, as it'll just lift whatever you put over it. The topcoat is only as good as the basecoat. And, the aforementioned stain doesn't cover painted surfaces. We did a 22'X22' garage a couple weeks ago. The PO used to make biodiesel in there. The current owner used the Rustoleum "kit". After a month, it still wasn't dry. We used 7 gallons of mineral spirits to get that crap up. We twice acidized the floor. Even so, there was still frying oil in the minor cracks and checks of the concrete. The aforementioned stain, still, covered and sealed those areas. You'll probably need to use a chemical stripper and scrapers to get your Rustoleum up, as it's been dried. Be sure to acidize your floor before you apply anything, as it cleans and opens the pores of the concrete. This will allow your next coating to get a "bite" and help it to last longer. Another thing, if you have decent sized cracks, use something like this to fill them. Be sure to let self-leveling sealants sit a week, or so, to fully cure, before covering them.

There is no easy way to rectify your situation. If you have to rent a short-term storage unit, so be it. Just take your time, do it right, and it'll last and look great for many years.
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