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Originally Posted by Jackhole
Naturally, it wouldn't last. Guzy quickly found more of those treacherous mountain roads. I don't think Spanish Bob liked it any more than I did, and at one point he and Guzy pulled over and had some harsh words about it. Well, at least that's what I assumed was going on, but I don't understand Spanish so they could have been talking about something else. But I doubt it.

It was a little uncomfortable for me being caught between the two of them with the growing tension. At least I'm pretty sure there was growing tension.

One time they pulled over and I think Guzy tried to make up with Spanish Bob by getting a little too "friendly", but that probably only made things worse. That's what it looked like from where I was standing, anyway.

Yeah that Guzy fellow sucks and big time!

Last time I went for a ride with him I had to stop to throw up (not a joke). Jeez great road, two great riders (and me). The only two complaints, I dont think yellow really suits Gustavo, but then Im really into colour schemes (not) and the temperature, too damn hot! Way too damn hot.

To the girls comments, it is pure coincidence (damned incompetence) that there were no topless women in the foto. Pretty much all women do the topless thing here, its just how it is, my wife included.

Re points system - add some for lean angle, get rid of some for the next day beer face he really looks bad, drunken bum.

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