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By this time, in the 95 to 98 degree heat and HIGH humidity we were both pretty whooped. We had no food and only water to drink, and we had been at this for about 5 hours. About this time, if you add together a torn up elbow, some of the nastiest slickest mud, a hole, a DEEP hole, and a drunk redneck on a 4 wheeler. You get this

This really helped my elbow, I asked for the pipe bike riding service one last time to get me past the mud.

After this we came to the end of the trail and met up with a bunch of Jeep, and other serious 4 wheelers. One of which also rides a bike and reads this board. His quote "How the HELL did you get those bikes here?"

We rode on into Winchester , TN. got a samich and something to drink trying to get our blood sugar back on track.

Pipe had to head home so he could work today. My left arm was getting worse so only thing to do was head home.

I will be at the Dr. first thing in the morning, I have little to no use of my left arm today, oh well it was a BLAST and now that I have done a road like this I am ready for MORE, but with better tires :-)
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