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We've climbed quite a ways by now. Iforgot was in a lot of pain, so over the gnarliest stuff, I'd ride my bike up to a flat spot and park it. The walk down, get I's bike, and ride that up to my bike, and repeat. It was a pretty hairy section of trail, very steep, with many ledges and obstacles that had be be negotiated.

If was fun, in a perverse ADVRider kinda way.

Well, how much further can it go? At each switchback, it got a tad more wierd. Right about now, I'm REALLY glad I didn't ride the BigPig. That would have been a hardship for sure.

The section where I rode both bikes tired me out some. Well, a lot. Did I mention it was hot

Onward and upward, we're almost there. Iforgot was hanging tough with a bad arm.

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