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The trip home:

I have written before how much of a letdown the ride home always is. But it's the closure to and event.

As I tooled along TN64 headed west, as I passed a hayfield, the aroma permeating my senses, a smile comes to my face. This IS why I ride. I'm not passing through, I'm living it.

The smell of rain is now in the air, the skies long since overcast. A few miles east of Pulaski, TN, the heavens opened. It was long since dark by then, but the lightning blasts illuminated the road for brief instances.

I stopped in Waynesboro TN for fuel and dinner. A Mexican joint was still open. I pulled in, wet and dissheveled, but they took me in. The whole family was there, about to close, but they happily fed me anyway. We spoke in Spanish about Copper Canyon, motocicletas and watched Sabado Gigante as I chowed down on a rather HUGE portion of shrimp fajitas.

Reluctantly, we parted ways, and I walked back out into the rain, fired up the Dakar, and rode off into the thunderstorm as they turned off the OPEN sign.

Adios amigos, y gracias!

An hour later, I pulled into Pickwick Dam, TN. The rain unrelenting. Another end to a great, albeit short, ride. It was a long day in the saddle.

Thanks Iforgot! Get that arm fixed up.

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