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Originally Posted by EJV View Post
So, I go out to get Ice Cream. The place where I walk up to the window and my order is handed to me. (Note, I never actually place the order. Yeah, I go too much.)

So, I figure I should take a picture so I can carry on about some certain color motorcycle model.

Everbody likes their picture taken with the Xt1200

What I intended to do, was to show off my freshly mounted Touratech GPS Holder thingy and GPS. (pic is in the prototype phase.
It is awesome just because (I won't get lost now). Really, because I fab'ed up everything to mount the bracket there.
Looks nice, EJ. And i am not saying this just because the bracket is a "good" color.

I did ride a little. I had to "test" the GPS to insure it would register speed over 100mph. So, an Airport Run was done. What a rush. The "Super Tenere" isn't so "Super" when it comes to speedometer accuracy. 3 to 5 off. Or the GPS is high. Yeah.
I do miss theBMW speedo accuracy. Damn lawyers.
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