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Originally posted by Jim Moore
It's very hard to get them to wave at me on my 49cc Honda scooter.
I have the opposite experience. If I see someone coming the other way with a motorized two-wheel, I give them the wave. I often get surprised looks from moped riders.

Originally posted by DAKEZ
As to the waving between riders thing... I think it is juvenile to go about waving at other riders you don't know simply because they choose a similar mode of transportation.
For me, it isn't about comaradery with other riders. It is about helping each other stay alert. I don't get upset if they don't wave back, I just assume they either 1. Don't feel it's safe to take one hand off the bars, 2. Don't believe in waving, or 3. Are alseep on their bike. I have seen someone waving at me too late to respond and realized I was not even paying attention. They may have saved my life...
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