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Originally Posted by zimm View Post
I can get a 2010 SMT for $11,700 new. The 2011's with ABS are more expensive- like $13,000. Think it's worth $1,700 for white plastic, ABS, and a year newer bike?

My 690 SMC is orange... so the '10 would match. But ABS might just save my bacon someday.
I agonized over that decision for weeks. I was concerned about reports on other bikes that the ABS system's extra plumbing contributed to a spongier brake feel. I eventually had the opportunity to ride the 2010 and 2011 back to back and I could not discern any difference in brake feel.

MCN showed the system would still allow braking aggressive enough to lift the rear wheel. So given those two aspects, I couldn't see how having ABS would hurt, so In the end I hit the fuckit button and sprung for the 2011.
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