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Fair dinkum what a day that was hard work but fantastic in the same breath. Ended up getting up around 6:30 yeah I know surprise surprise WTF anyway decided since im up to pack up and piss off early. Ok that took a little time, little Janu was knocking on my door at 7:30 his grand ma must of told him I was leaving so we played and hung out while I packed the bike up, classic standard games you play with kids, you know the ones oh look at that then he turns and you chase them, lended up chasing him around the lodge 30 times, to funny him screaming in laughter was certainly a nice way to start the day. He helped me start the bike then helped put my gloves on and directed me out of the carpark was a classic. Gave him the high 5 and the gate was shut behind me and off I went.

I hit the road at 8am so a pretty early start for me which was good I was worried about the heat in the middle of the day riding into the Kalahari Desert so was happy to get away at a semi reasonable hour. Got stopped just out of Windhoek by the cops asking for my insurance I bought when I came into Namibia, I did have that the other day where the hell it was now I have no idea. Jumped off the bike and started going through all my paper work in my panniers I didnt give a rat ass Ill take all day if i have to and just go book into the next lodge up the road. I think he got bored way before me but had a nice chat to him and his mate as I was frigging around. Ended up telling him what I was up to and the little bit extra im trying to do in my travels, in the end he says look I dont want to hold you up God Bless you have a safe journey.

Got back on the road the highway is pretty damn boring you could take a picture at any stage in the journey and it would look all the same well pretty much. Got to the Namibia Botswana border and went in filled out the rego part of the deal which is the first step then the departure card and the chick at the desk stamp stamp smile and im through that part. Ride over to the Botswana gate its already hot by this stage well not to bad but 39c but hot enough for everyone to be whinging. I was laughing last night I froze my camel pack that I wear in my rallycross pro jacket so I had icy cold water, I was surprised how long it lasted wish I had thought of it beofre it certainly made riding in the heat a little more bearable with an ice pack on my back and icy cold drinking water whenever I wanted it. I go into the Botswana office repeat the process sign in book entry card and hand it all over, they were really friendly probably cause it was so quiet and asked me where im going, i just said Ghanzi and then im not sure they just said welcome you have 3 three months and off I go to pay my road tax which was 240 Pula or whatever it is which is about 30 odd Aussie bucks, I thought was quite x'y but oh well I dont care what ever.

Got back on the road had a few more hours to get to Ghanzi and it was getting hotter all the time I was watching as the thermometer on the bike just kept clicking up and up, it funny you can sense even the half degree rises in the temp. By the time I got to Ghanzi it was 2pm and 44c , stopped to try and book into the Kalahari Sands there, oh no vacancies ok I saw a lodge just back south as I came into town ill just hook back there and see. I did think about just giving it a miss and going north but it was so hot i thought ill give it a go. Ok get there no vacancies either. So ride back into town go to the servo and fill up while I decide what to do, its chock a block inside everyone trying to find some comfort from the heat inside the shop and the air conditioning, talk to some European dude he looks at me and just sighs and says you must be hot with all that gear on, yeah I say its pretty warmish isnt it as I sculled down a Fanta while I stand at the counter waiting to pay for it.

Walk back out the the bike and think oh f&8k it im out of here its to damn hot around here surely its got to be cooler up near the Ochavanga Delta and its only just under 300 k's away at the speeds im knocking up on this road ill be there in a few hours or by 5ish at the latest. Well the temperature didnt go down to much but at one stage it went down to 36c and was pouring with rain and started to hail, pouring with rain, in Australia we would call it a passing sun shower over here in the Kalahari Desert im sure it was flogging down for ages. The funny thing was after it rained all the animals came out onto the road to drink the puddles so slowed me up no end dodging cattle, donkeys, Ostrich's, goats and wild boars, made it a dodgathon for the last 150k's burr was a fun interesting ride all the same. By this time I was getting pretty rooted, the icey cold water was well and truely all gone and my back was starting to give me some grief, well I had been on the bike for 7 and a half hours with only limited breaks and it had been well over 40c heat for the last 4 hours, I know harden up ya big pussy.

Stopped off in some remote village just had to try and get something cool into me, it was still 42c at that stage they obviously they dont get to many Aussie dudes on motorbikes stopping by so was the centre of attention, here I was trying to chat and stand up at the same time. Didn't stay long just wanted to get back on the bike and kill the last 150 k's to Maun on the edge of the Ochavango Delta and find somewhere to stay and relax. Rode and rode it was still a major dodgathon so the going was fast at times but almost to a stop at others but seeing all the animals certainly gave m something to look at, its pretty much desert scenery out here not much to see.cWas getting close to Maun at around 5 and it was still 40.5 on the thermometer so still hot i was thinking well that didnt work out like I planned thinking it would be cooler up in this neck of the woods.

Arrived in Maun and by this stage I was really getting exhausted and starting to struggle, I just needed to just find somewhere and somewhere quick. The one I had put in my Gps was anopther 4.5 k's through town and I thought theres got to be something in here surely so wacked it in my Gps and up came a joint I had just past so turned straight around and rode the 100 metres back up the road and went in.

Cool vacancy but expensive at 950 pula thats like 125 bucks aussie a night but F&*k it im not in a position to argue I just want to chillax and this joint is pretty ritzy. Get booked in taken to my room and just hit the bed and turn the air con down to 16 and sit there under it for a few minutes. Go back out get my bike all sorted take what I need off it and head back to my room. Went back out just on dark to move my bike and put the cover over it and jump on it with my thongs on and the bike rolls forward and the stand crunces my big toe breaking the nail in half and ripping the top off, oh well shit happens, its funny the last time I did that I judged how bad my back and neck were because they were still hurting more than my toe I had kicked, well today was no different. Here I am blood pissing out of my toe my nail broken in half and im just going shit I can hardly stand up my back is so sore, f*&k the toe. I guess thats the benefit of having bad pain in some part of your body nowhere else is going to be sore.

Wll just had a really nice rump steak for dinner wasnt that hungry but hadnt eaten all day so thought I might as well chuck something into my guts and have a few drinks plus the restaurant is the only place that has Wifi so its killing two birds with one stone so to speak just checking my facebook and updating the blog.

It was a really hard days riding in that heat today covering just under 800k's but in saying that I was just on my bike thinking how much I love doing this, just riding and riding and riding some more, the two weeks off were great and just flying around Windhoek was fun but this out there on the open road with no destination, well sort of, is where its at for me, it just reaffirm's to me just how much I love just being on the bike riding. What a top day, loving life as sore as I am.

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