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Originally Posted by apessino View Post
No idea - 158 seems completely ridiculous though.

In any case, the SMT and MTS use the same Bosch 9+ ABS system (as do my Ducatis and both of my BMWs, and a whole lot of other bikes). Maybe there was specific software problems in the first batch of MTS from Ducati?
SMT isn't using 9+ apparently. I'm guessing it is ABS 9 base.

From Ash on Bikes:
“The new ABS system on the 990 SM T is better than on any rivals’ bikes, and even expert riders find it very difficult to beat. It is also very light. We have used the very latest Bosch 9th generation hydraulic pump, which no one else yet uses, and the total extra weight of the whole system adds only 1kg (2.2lb) to the bike, which is not noticeable. Other systems add at least 3kg (6.6lb), which starts to affect the handling. You can switch our system off too.”

Another Ash article on Bosch ABS Testing.
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