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Originally Posted by Big_John View Post
If my math is correct, 1000 miles in 7 days is 143 miles per day. We can easily.....VERY EASILY.....find seven days of riding where getting 143 miles is going to be a HUGE challenge. Some of the routes I have ridden in the past five years have been 70-80 miles and have taken 5-6 hours.

No worries Tha Rick.....finding challenging routes won't be the issue. Dragging 300-400 lb bikes (with gear) over the routes will certainly be the issue.

I have found routes in Chaffee County where I have only gone 60 miles in 5 hrs and believe me muscling a 400 pound KLR IS the challenge!
In the grand scheme of thing's, what's it matter? Screw it! Let's ride
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