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Originally Posted by johnjen View Post
And let me re-iterate that the On IICE sale of IICE-Airz will be the last chance in a long while to order these units. We fully expect the delivery of these units to be MUCH quicker. We have come out on the other side of the learning curve for cranking these units out.

Then after all of the IICE-Airz have been produced for the On IICE sale, we will gear up to make the IICE-Cool devices. And the same assembly fixtures shown in the photos for making the IICE-Airz will be used to make the IICE-Coolz. And we fully expect that the lessons learned during the IICE-Aire production will make a huge impact on the delivery times for the IICE-Coolz.

And further that the IICE-Cool and the IICE-Aire are designed to work together to help correct the stock fuel delivery idiosyncrasies. Together they contribute more than each does by themselves.


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