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Mother fuck!

I Just spent 45 mins writing up 4 days of RR and wanting to select all andcopy to save it just in case, I copied all and accidentally hit 4 instead. There's no undo feature on this app in using and I lost it all!

Oh well, live and learn, ill write it better the second time around.

Otavalo, I bought a wool blanket form the market. I'm told that everything on a bike trip should have tow purposes and this will be a blanket for warmth if I need it, a blanket to lay down on when I want to take a nap mid ride, and a butt pad. My Renazco seat is really comfortable but its still a supermoto and this is still a 690 and after some hours I get sore. I even wear padded mountain bking shorts to help.


I also go find a welder to fix my kickstand that broke a few days ago. The guys in Medellin made it too long and too swoopy so it had excessive load and broke. This guy reinforced it with rebar and added some bends to it. Not bad for $5 but now its too upright so ill have to get someone else to shave a 1/2 inch off some other time. If I didn't spend half my free time looking for solutions to bike problems I'm not sure what I would do. Probably write more.

We head to Quito - and im pretty sure its an uneventful ride. We stay two nights in La Posada de Maple in La Mariscal.

I stopped drinking when I was 2 mother fuck it happened again ! Third time is a charm. The first two write ups sucked I guess, and im getting used to using this nook to write RRs on.

I stopped drinking when I was 25 - I had too much and I'm better when I don't. I did it with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous. I usually go to about 5 meetings a week back at home - and haven't been to any on the road. I feel better when I do so I hit up the website and found a local spanish meeting close to my hotel. I went over there and had a agreat experience - I got to share about my sobriety in Spanish. I felt great leaving that meeting and will try harder to make more meetings Its hard on the road but its worht the effort.

Had I not stopped drinking - I wouldn't be here right now. I never would have had the courage to leave my old job, travel some, move to panama and plan this trip. I was stuck in a loop of fear and now I'm free. I'm pretty gratfeful.

The next day is spent looking for someone to repair my mirror which was broken on the Stahlratte - I found a metal shop that lathed me a reverse threaded mirror rod and welded it to the existing rob. $10. I also found some water proof and wind proof overgloves for my Revit gloves - which are a lightweight glove. That coupled with silk liners makes a decent 3 season glove.

I reach out to Alex (
No Job, No Responsability no better time than now) if he needs anything from Quito because we had planned on swinging by Azoques to see him. He says he needs a master cylinder for his brake but that hell manage with local resources.

We head to Banos - its a little hot spring spa town south of Quito. The ride was uneventful though my blanket keeps my ass warm so I'm happy. I wired some headphones in my Arai and am listening to mixes my buddy gives me - I'm stoked.

We get to Banos and we find a hostel- I go hunting for a gym. Its important for me to hit the gym - I'm not into hiking and I like the way working outmakes me feel so I make a point to go about 3-4 times a week. Its pretty easy in small latin towns - most have one and the price is about $2 to workout. I'm down with that.

We hit the town - grab a hookah and talk about he benefits of lowsiding vs high siding, pooping while vomiting, and aweosme life stuff. We hit a Kareoke bar lots of old scary women, its not my scene so I go home and vedge out. The next day is spent at the spa.

For $42 I get a steam bath, mud bath, massage and internal cleansing (nice word for enema).

The enema was rad because the girl administering it was yound and cute. I love dropping trouser and have a cute girl shove water up my ass. At one point the hose pops out and water goes everywhere - funny. She says 1 liter is good but 2 is best so I'm up for the challenge. I hit the bathroom and I'm happy I brought my kindle and catch up onsome reading. Things exit my body for 1997 so I'm happy.

We go looking for Guinea Pig because its a speciality - we plan on making grilled cheese ad guinea pig sandos. We find both cuy and goat cheese and both disgust and delight our hostal owner with our new creation. We sdhare with her and she loves our Guinea Pig a la Franceses.

We head out early to ride to Azogues - the road to Rio Bamba was destroyed by a recent volcanic eruption so I'm happy on the supermoto. Half dirt half paved I try to remember that rubber side down is best and that I have 15,000 kms to go.

The MT60s are rocking my world - I have more exp with the Distanzias but I'm happy with the MT60s - not sure how long they will last though I plan on reupping the rear in Lima in a few weeks, and grabbing a pair from the states when I head back to Orlando for Christmas with the fam (leaving bike where I am and flying out for a week). Ill take that opportunity to load up on parts and bring two tires back as luggage.

We wake Alex from his vedge fest and have ice cream and coffee. He informs us that the two pretty girls are sick and probably won't come. Out tonight but that doesn't stop me from shaving my balls and hoping for the best.

I hit the gym though Arnold isn't present and I'm bummed. We go out with ALex to one of his chicken places and catch up since Panama Passage, hear stories about his riding buddies, plot on how to get him out of Ecuador before 23 more days, and have a good time. Then we go to the garage and talk bikes, tie guinea pig legs to our handlebars and promise to wake him in the am before we leave.

I spent 2 hours writing this ride report 3 times. Without pictures for now and ill add them in a bit later because my Nook is being difficult and while I appear to have 4 bars of wifi - my internet connection sucks.

Big hugz
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