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Originally Posted by Cos View Post
I have to disagree.

Mind you, i'm not saying that i believe that without ABS i'm dead. My Tiger doesn't have ABS. My Daytona doesn't either. And yes, i agree with you that in many cases ABS can lead to sloppy riding. I saw a moron just this morning that would've locked up and crashed if he didn't have ABS because he was riding like a douche and was too close to the car in front of him.

However...i have seen non-ABS bikes languish in showrooms because people now for the most part have been convinced that ABS is necessary. Look at the threads here where people say they wouldn't consider bike X because ABS isn't available.

You might not want ABS. I might not care either way. Others do and supply must reflect demand.

P.S. Your RT is non-ABS? Damn, i thought the base model BMW was an urban legend
Unfortunately there is no option for ABS or not on the RT so I live with it, but I have to say because the RT is heavier the ABS doesn't cut in like other BMW models at unwanted times. The F800 was so bad I sold it before I ended up running off the road or worse because there was a minuscule bump in the road!
You are absolutely correct about buyers, the abs hype has driven consumers to demand it. So why make a law to mandate it I wonder?
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