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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post

Are you serious? From everything I have heard seen and read... Riding over there is MUCH safer than over here.

On a bike like this one I don't care where I ride it. I have "NO DESIRE FOR ABS" On a heavier bike I do like it. (I have owned 4 bikes with ABS brakes so I am not speaking out of ignorance here) Most over here do NOT want ABS on their bikes. They prefer to simply learn how to ride.

This post from a thread about the 2012 Speed Tripple has it right.

Seen and heard, have you?

Dead fucking serious...i commute on a bike day in and day out and there isn't a single day that someone doesn't try to take me out. Not one.

It doesn't matter what you want or not. I look at people here and they want ABS.

And kindly spare me the crap about "they simply do not want ABS on their bikes". Look at how many people jeered when Kawasaki brought over the Z1000SX without the ABS option.

And since when the fuck does wanting ABS on your bike mean you can't ride?
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