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Oh good - a thread about ABS! We were missing one of those...

Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
On a bike like this one I don't care where I ride it. I have "NO DESIRE FOR ABS" On a heavier bike I do like it. (I have owned 4 bikes with ABS brakes so I am not speaking out of ignorance here) Most over here do NOT want ABS on their bikes. They prefer to simply learn how to ride.
What has the weight of the bike got to do with it? If you lose the front what are you going to do, catch the bike with your legs because it is so light? As long as you can turn it off when you want, why would you not prefer to have ABS? Oh right... you "learned how to ride."

Tell you what, let's do an experiment.. night time, a curvy unfamiliar road. We are not being "hooligans" or anything, just going home. I'll spill some diesel on the road at a corner entrance, right where you get on the brakes, and you don't know where. I'd love to see how you with your ninja skills would ride a bike without ABS in such conditions. You'd be going at a snail pace, never touching the front brake, because you know that if you lose the front on a bike you go down in 99% of cases - it is basic one-track vehicle physics.

ABS can prevent that in a lot of real life situations. When you are using the bike for transportation, as opposed to being on the track, in a canyon or stunting, then it seems like a no brainer to me.

With that said, I don't think it should be mandatory and it should always be possible to disable it, but if they are going to make something mandatory I'd rather it be ABS than some bullshit HP or displacement limit.
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