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...More Confused ...

Now with the 1200 coming out which I thought I wanted, I'm not sure if I want ride-by-wire or ABS and traction control so I'm looking back at the 800 roadie . I have owned a 955i S3 and loved the motor I don't need anymore power but don't want to give much up either.

So I'm curious as to if some of you have riden or owned the older 955 tiger and what are your thoughts.

1) Did you give up much in performance from the 955i to the 800 or is it minimal ?

2) Is the 800 good as a two up bike as the 955i was, as this is very important to me?

I've sat on the bike(roadie version) at the dealers and liked its looks and seat height but wasn't sure if I would miss the power of the 955i for two up ,and now not sure if the 1200 went to far the other way. Also the 1050 tiger just doesn't do it for me I don't like the high passenger seat or how the bags sit on the bike. Thanks
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