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I gave up and took my son for a dual sport ride North of Divide. Got back in the truck after we loaded up and checked the score on my phone. I just laughed out loud. No way that just happened!

My wife was home watching the game. She got fed up and went shopping. Just before she left the house, she clicked "record" on the DVR.

She got home and hit replay. Holy crap!

I heard it said on one of the 8000 ESPN highlight shows, that the Tebow haters are all saying, "I told you so" and the Tebow appologists are all saying, "I told you so". And they are both right. Nothing is solved. Football fans got to see his shortcomings as a QB and the Tebow fans got to see him reach down and pull the team out of the pits of defeat to somehow win it in OT. Albeit against a winless Dolphins team that had more Tebow fans in the stands than Dolphins fans.

Did I watch, no. Was I happy that they won, sure. Is Tebow the QB of the future, not right now, but he does give them a better chance to win than Orton does.
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