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Kawasaki take notice, another Ninja Mutant is being built

The demise of my beloved wee-strom in August created the necessity for me to find a new beast. Of course the first thought was to purchase another wee, which I did. However, the difference in the amount I got from insurance and the amount I bought the new wee for was a significant amount of dough. So I decided to jump on the dirt Ninja bandwagon and get my creative juices flowing.

First task was to source the donor ninja. Wouldn't you know it I found a 2008 with 18 miles on it locally? This guy was an Iron Butt rider obviously, riding approximately 6 miles per year. It had been stoplight dropped on each side but the tiny scratches on the fairings didn't bother me. They're getting junked/sold anyway.

Since buying it I've been using it to commute just so I can get some use out of it before it gets torn apart. I have to say the engine is as sweet as everyone has been saying. Aside from that it is just a cheap "sport" styled bike. Nothing super special about it.

So I've subscribed to all the other Ninja and Versys builds. I'll give you your due credit in time, I promise.

My progress thus far has been minimal, I've owned the bike a month and have ridden it about 1500 miles. Should I call the PO and tell him I have put almost 100x the mileage he did on it? haha

Parts that will be here by the weekend:
Complete YZ450 front end including forks, wheel, triples, brakes, etc.
2008 Yamaha R1 rear shock
2006 650R oil pan

Parts I still need to source:
KTM/husky cush rear wheel

My intent is to build a bike with about the same offroad capabilities that a lightly modded KLR would have. In other words, a bike that can ride the TAT start to finish, ride over the Colorado passes, do the Trans-Lab, basically take me anywhere I want to go with relative comfort.

Under 400lbs
~10 inches of ground clearance
Adequete radiator/engine protection
Keep the steering from being reduced as much as possible
get an additional 2 gallons of fuel onto the bike

Stay tuned, I should have some progress(pictures of course) this weekend.
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