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Super Tenere Final Drive Failure

Now, I have your attention.

So, on my way home from a friends house down the road, I hear a strange noise. Sort of a grinding, hissing noise. Patterned with the brake a little. Then, not with the brake. Weird.

So, into the garage it goes. Drive line has a noticeable grinding sound, lite, not too horrible sounding, when the wheel is moved backwards.

Thoughts of scheduling for service came to mind, warranty and all. No trailer. Far away. So, I said "Forget It". I tore into the back end. Wheel came off, drive pumpkin (ha, Halloween is near) came off. What do we see:

Not too much yet. Little dirty.

What do we have here:
(look close)

Yeah. A Rock. A Forgeting Rock. Look back to the first picture. See the missing rubber plug on the right hand side of the swingarm? Yeah. Willis Creek or Eagles Nest State Park are to blame.

This little bugger:

So, threw it all back together, went for a test ride, all is well.

Sorry to get the BMW folks all excited.
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