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You want the SMT, it's sublime !
I was looking at these two bikes very hard for awhile. The MTS 1200 is the best looking bike out there to me, but maybe just a little too pretty for the job IMO. SMT seemed to be way more bike for the money and more cut out for the job these two were designed for. I also read where that MTS seat sort of locks you into a position that is not too comfy for longer rides. Also more hp is always better for some folks, but the SMT just seemed to be powered right. Wonder if those higher hp jap bike engines mentioned earlier were heavier, as I think I've read where the Lc8 was the lightest in it's class (or something like that)

I bought the SMT and have put over 5k miles on it in a few months. Don't see how I could be happier. I was actually running with a MTS in the mountains couple of weekends ago with a top notch rider, according to his friends. The KTM gave me no problem keeping up and even seemed to be stronger powering out of the curves into the straights, but I don't expect that could be the bike. The MTS rider must have been taking it easy in that respect. I'm pretty sure I got the right bike, but sure do like the looks and specs on the 1200. The lighter SMT probably has the handling edge, with the power edge going to the MTS, so depends on which you value more. The KtM also looks better than the MTS with a little dirt on it as well, lol.
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