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Originally Posted by concours View Post
She should pull cleanly down to idle, final drive tension is key, your adjustable balancer shaft chain must be set right. That involves removing the oil sump and extension and measureing backlash with an indicator on the tip of the counterweight, then loosening the locknot and adjusting the eccentric shaft JUST A BIT. Carbs are OK? Idle circuit clean and functional?
I've been looking for the adjustment on the balancer. Thanks! I've been through Toby's site and there is a ton of good info there, but I couldn't find any actual adjustment procedure. The on-line fische show the differences, but I haven't taken mine apart to see it in person.

I went through the rest of the motor adjustments and made a simple wiring harness to start it up without frying anything. It started and ran well yesterday. Got a quick adjustment done on the carbs and it idled fine, had good response and seemed smooth. The motor is smoking a bit, but it hasn't run in who knows how long and I did add a fair amount of oil in the cyclinders for the compression test. Also, I do not know if these bikes are prone to wet-sumping like the old brit bikes.

I've got the extended oil sump so hopefully I've also got the balancer mod
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