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When introduced Those GB 500's sat on the dealer floor for a couple of years before being sold for a song...and now. I guess tastes change. When I see one, rarely, for sale they always start at $4k, and might not be in very good shape either. At that rate I'd try and find a SRX600.

Anyway, I'm off to ride the BV250 - getting closer to a possible buy, but I'd love to try a CBR-250R, none around at the dealers, and probably no real tests rides either.

The BV just goes better, handles better, stops better than most of the larger big bore thumpers I've owned or ridden.

The Bullet prices in India are real out the door too, tax, license, reams of paper work, everything. From my experience the 350 was a nicer bike, neither have any power, and both are really only good to 35 mph before the paint shaker effects takeover, so what's the difference? The drum brakes on the 350 were as good as the disc on the 500, ditto the 4 speed vs the 5 speed, didn't need the electric start, or, even the name the "500 Machismo". Both were very looking bikes, but the 350, the most basic Enfield in India, was gorgeous, done up in the 50's paint scheme that they never bothered to change. It's a pity the 350 isn't offered in the US, or probably elsewhere for that matter.
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