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Originally Posted by chazbird View Post
When introduced Those GB 500's sat on the dealer floor for a couple of years before being sold for a song...and now. I guess tastes change. When I see one, rarely, for sale they always start at $4k, and might not be in very good shape either. At that rate I'd try and find a SRX600.
If I could stumble across a nice GB500 for a "reasonable" price I'd jump on it. The last one I saw was at a local dealership in for service. It was in excellent condition.

Ya, it seems to go that way for many a good bike. I think often the manufacturers are head of the curve and the buying public takes too long to figure it out, at least here in the states. I can think of quite a few bikes that has happened with.

A buddy of mine has a SRX600 that is quite tasty with some different 3 spoke wheels on it. I rode it briefly many years ago and liked it, but there was something funky about the twin carb setup and it wouldn't run worth a crap above about 1/2 throttle. Maybe I should try to convince him to sell it to me.... again..... hmmm.

Originally Posted by chazbird View Post
...... I'd love to try a CBR-250R, none around at the dealers, and probably no real tests rides either.
I suspect that will be a problem. It's so dang hard to get a test ride on a Japanese bike unless you hit up the MC shows or a dealer demo day. The problem with many of the demo days is they don't have all the bikes available. I wanted to demo a Yamaha WR250R at a recent dealer's demo day and was told it wasn't available for demo even though they had two in the Yamaha trailer. I was told by the Yamaha test crew it was up to the dealers what gets demo'd, it sucks and doesn't make any sense.

Originally Posted by chazbird View Post
From my experience the 350 was a nicer bike, neither have any power, and both are really only good to 35 mph before the paint shaker effects takeover
That sounds about right based on my test ride. My plan was to gear up the 500 sufficiently that it thumped along at low rpm so I could save my fillings while I cruised down the back roads. I'm not sure I could bring myself to ride the freeway on one. It reminded me a great deal of my BSA 441 Victor, except my much modified Victor had about 2.5x the power.
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