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Originally Posted by Dagwood_55 View Post
Anyone with a SR10 got a full blown report on how these things work?? Especially the bike to bike via 2 way radio.

I want to do three things with my SMH-10 and my SR10:

1) I want to be able to talk BT rider to pass with my wife when we're 2up, the basic operation of the SMH. We generall leave the mic "open" as we talk alot.

2) Talk bike to bike with fellow riders with similar radio setups as I have. And use the PTT switch to transmit.

3) I need to be able to recieve phone calls on my IPhone 4, weather paired to the SMH or paired to the SR or wire attached to the SR, don't know which will be best.

Can I do all three of these things without any problems???
1) SMH standard operation

2) if you have two frs/gmrs radios that talk to each other, your SMH will work with an SR10 that will allow you to connect to your radio. Your riding buddy will have to find a way to hook into his...

3) just go straight BT from SMH10 to iphone, no need for SR10 for this...

2 is the only thing you really need the SR10 for...
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