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Non-owner Policy

Originally Posted by flkovacs View Post
thanks, still working on that - i may have mentioned this before, but the demo rides have some fine print with bmw dealers. some are more up fron abou it than others.

the sf bmw web page says that i'd have to assume 100% liability for me and their bike. my geico insurance says that my policy could not cover a bike that is not mine.

even though i've been riding clean for a long time (ssssssssssshhhhhhhhh!), there could always be that one time ... and plastic of a new bike is pricey,
ps i'm currently waiting for the 'liability' verbiage from another dealer, so that i can run it by geico.
If your really jones'n to do some test rides. NON owner policies are available. You could get a month for as low as.... actually about 20$. Maybe a week could be purchased. They are used (non-owner policies) by renters and leasers.
Bike-less and looking.
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