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Hey guys, hadn't checked in for a while on this thread. It has been a little bit of a learning curve on the connectors for the different radios, such as with Tom's Yaesu. Anywhoo, the Sena SR10 will work with the Cardo lineup of products (although probably best with the Sena).

The way it works is basically by multiplexing the Headset profile inputs. It doesn't however transmit A2DP for stereo, so you would have to look elsewhere for that. It will work with the Zumo and Iphone, (although you would have to Bluetooth the Zumo into the SR10) and two way radio at the same time. I have tested it on the road and it works well with the Midland and Motorola radios, however it does require some setup.

So you get the whole party in your helmet. GPS instructions telling you where to go, your buddies telling you they have to pee and your wife calling you telling you to come home, all at the same time. (Plus two other Auxillary inputs)
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