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Originally Posted by Krazyjohnny View Post
In planning for a suspension upgrade I am also looking at the gear I plan to carry on the bike for 1 to 2 night out and backs. I am looking at a Giant Loop tank bag since it says it is "water proof" although I have heard stories their zippers are not on other bags and the Kriega US70 kit. This should give me plenty of gear storage for all my stuff and clothing. I may come up with some sort of custom rack system after messing with things. Most important things on board will be tools, tubes, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, Jet boil, food, water, and dry clothes. I do not like the Giant loop "horse shoe" style bags. I like the Wolfman Rolie system, but it does not look like it has much capacity.

So with all of that said does anyone know what the stock spring rate is for the 08' 530 EXCR? I am currently 230 lbs and will probably add 40 lbs of gear to the bike with the above stuff.
I'm not really sure what you're asking, but I think you're asking if you're going to need to do suspension work?

The answer to that is YES - you will need to respring it at the least.

I went with the Stiffest front and rear springs from Race-Tech, and it's working OK... not great, but OK.. but then again, I'm so far outside of the "normal" weight range, that it's just not funny.... really.... The front in particular is a bit soft, I may change the fork oil to a heavier weight (left that stock) to try and quell the nose dives on hard descents or stops.

As to the Rolie system, don't forget you can go to the medium sized bags with that, so it will hold a fair amount. Plus there are attachment points on those medium bags to attach another (Size small) bag to them - I would only do that to the center bag personally though.
I haven't used the GL system, but I will say the Rolie system, while taking a few extra minutes to strap everything down, does not move an inch while riding. No flopping or moving around at all. I like it, but yeah, it's definitely not a set up I'd want to ride to Panama with....

While we're at it, I have the stock fork springs and stock rear shock spring from my suspension work I'd like to sell for a few extra bucks, if anyone's interested.
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