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Stuck Clutch

Since I'm waiting for the carb parts to arrive, last night I decided to tear into the stuck clutch issue so that when we got the carb dialed in she would be ready to ride. It turns out its a good thing the clutch wouldn't break loose (I tried all the normal tricks first) as the plates were pretty nasty. I also found that (once again) all the bolts and screws were relatively loose. I'm really not sure how this thing ever ran.

Before (note heater buddy, it's gettin' cold at night in the hills of Oregon)

Note gunky oil & grungy crankcase, another benefit of tearing into this, I had not changed oil yet (my bad)

Tear down was fairly easy as the majority of all fasteners were already loose. The clutch pack was firmly stuck together in one rustly lump

Clutch plates were very rusty and bonded together, it took a lot of persuasion to peel them apart

The friction plates were lightly buffed on wire wheel and then got more agressive with the steels, they looked pretty good when finished, then began the reassembly, this is as far as the reassembly got last night

Less than an hour left to finish asssembly, when carb parts are here, this bike should be ready for riding, stay tuned. I promise we will be getting back into the twin cylinders soon.
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