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oh that's your old bike on madstad site.
that's the CR screen model right?

i think that's the best looking shape on the DR
do you ever get light reflecting up into the screen at night.
all 4 colors are avail. now i think smoke or dark would look sharp.

for quick release, i was thinking those t bolts and t nuts where the robobrackets attach to turbocity arms would be slick. i've found (on the vstrom i had) once you find your ideal screen position you don't move it. if you can quickly unbolt the screen and the robobrackets together and just be left with the support arms, you can quickly go to off-road mode. this way you won't have those robobrackets still hanging out there standing up and out nor will you have to lower then back down flush and then have to try and find your ideal screen position again after the screen goes back on.

with just the turbo city brackets let on the bike you could even add this
if you want to go into off-road tour mode .

just seems the madstad setup is versatile like the DR is.
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