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Originally Posted by MrBracket View Post
As I am collecting parts and fabbing up the first production run of these trailers, I'll learn what they really cost to build. After this initial run, I'll modify the webpage to have prices and make it so people can actually purchase trailers. I do know the trailers after the first five will be more than $500.... So far it's looking like they will be closer to $700, but that's not yet for sure, obviously I'm not done building the first five yet!

The lower one is the prototype. You can see that the production models will be 3" longer in the mid-section to clear bulkier licence plate/tail light assemblies. I've been building welding fixtures all week, the upper frame is the first one built on these fixtures. Obviously still a lot to do.... As I mentioned earlier, the first five will come with a fender which I am still hammering out the details on... Fun, Fun, Fun!!!
I'm really glad I got in on this when I did. After looking into the cost of a decent pannier setup, I really think this is a more viable option for my DR650. I'm really excited to give one of these a go!

Here's a pic of each side of my rear axle. Let me know if you need anything else.

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