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Wow its so friggin hot here in Maun 45c is a killer at the moment. Plus that and im sore as f$&k from yesterdays 800 k ride in high 40+ degree Celsius heat. I really did bugger all today. Got to talk to my little fella Logan this morning which was real nice other than the connection cutting out which sucked big time. I miss him sometimes though there is positives and negatives to not catching up with him but oh well ill always love ya logie bear wherever I am in the world.

When you think about it having to fight his mother every step of the way to be part of his life, 20 odd times in court over 5 years, the constant battle to just be his father to the day I left on my trip, chuck in my accident and the recovery to that riding around Africa and the world on a motorbike is a peice of piss. Certainly made it easy to leave, the constant shit fight she gave me just to be his dad, im sure theres more than a few blokes that understand what im talking about, it's much easier being one of those deadbeats dads that just pisses off let me tell you and it's probably better for him as well not having that conflict in his life as well.

Anyway back Maun f$&k its hot ok hot outside for the poor folk, im in a room watching tv with the air con on 16, I feel for anyone outside camping today yeah thats right I feel 16c for ya. I did go over to the airport to try and suss out some of the ways you can tour the Ochavango Delta and met a pilot who worked for Moremi Air whose boss died in the crash last week killing 8 tourists. He said the planes just have alot of issues flying in this heat. Ok im not flying into a camp especially after another one crashed the other day as well even though everyone survived this time.

Walked outside and this guy Adam comes up says hello and we had a chat, he tells me he's a pilot and looking for work, I said to him obviously theres one job vacancy right now, we had a chuckle on how f$$ked a joke it was but oh well when its your time its your time at least they got to make the papers around the world. Went into one of the tour agency across the road and talked to the girls oh yum yum oh come on keep your mind out of the gutter Sheldon, I must admit theres some pretty nice looking chicks in Maun. Anyway in a nutshell it was seriously hot today basically just sussed out the tours and cheaper accomodation if I could be bothered to move and just hung out in my air conditioned room.

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