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Originally Posted by ReactorTrip View Post
That's disappointing to hear. I am waiting on my radios to show up. I got a free SR10 from Sena's facebook give away, so I haven't really wasted any money on this thing. Hoping it works better than your review.
Please let us know what radios you get, and how well they work. I've tried Kenwood and Motorola two-pin radios which haven't worked out. An early review on webBikeWorld shows a pre-release SR10 hooked up to an inexpensive Motorola Talkabout radio with a single-pin connector. If Sena did their testing with single-pin Motorolas, then maybe they will work correctly. Unfortunately, even if the low cost Motorolas work, they are not an option for me. One of the reasons I want to go wireless is that I want to mount the radio on the bike, and use an external antenna for better range, so I need a radio with a removable antenna so I can connect it to a mobile antenna.

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