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I've used my Wolfman Epedition Dry saddle & duffle bag on a trip of about 21.000km through Africa

Overall i'm happy with the Wolfman.
- It's light
about 2,3 kilos for the saddle bags

- Absolutely waterproof
had rain pouring down, drizzle, foggy nights at the coast, but i dare say not a drop entered

- durable
even though some of the glued material came loose, it didnt really affect the use. Scraping it along a rough brick wall, sharp fence or just dropping the bike (at low speed) on a rocky gravel road, the bags didnt tear

- not too big, which makes you take too much crap
- good service
I emailed Wolfman directly during my trip about the glued parts coming loose. The reply said this isnt supposed to happen and that i could look into repairing it with barge cement. Further emails about warranty/replacement didnt give any replies. I sent an email to Windingroads where i bought the bags from. They called with Wolfman and within a few days a new set was on the way! So overlal very happy with the service.

- they are lockable
I used an adjustable cable lock. I ran the cable through the plastic loops of the bag and around the luggage racks. This secures the bags to the racks, and prevents curious people from opening them easily. Just 340grams a piece, and it did the job superb!

See top picture for an idea how the cables are routed through the bag.

- the stiffeners are in the way when putting in stuff, but they have their purpose

- the strap that goes over the opening, i ended up not using. Didnt add that much in my view, and if the bags were full, they werent long enough to use.

- the seams came loose on both bags. Not caused by too much weight and no crashes or falls. The glued parts just let go.

- on the luggage rack i had, the bags didnt keep a very good position. The straps that fix the bags to the rack kept sliding form their position. This affected the shape of the bags, and was especially annoying when the bags werent stuffed to the top, So i guess icould modify the rack, to make it a bit taller to match the height of the saddle bags, and make some sliding stops for the velcro mounting points. See picture below. The bags are taller than the rack, the velcro mounting points slide across the rack bars. Of course this wont be a problem with the Wolfman racks, i presume...

- also, close to the coast, the metal buckles started rusting instantly. Maybe this can be improved by making them of stainless steel instead of chromed metal.

In general it got me through Africa, without being a pain or hassle, so yeah, i think i can say it's proper stuff :)

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