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Moose Racing Large Competition Handguards

Moose Racing Large Competition Handguards -- they are a flexible rubber so they should work - - - let us know if you do try them --- I have the Tusk handguards on my WR and they don't provide as much wind protection as the "Moose Racing Large Competition Handguards"

Originally Posted by planemanx15 View Post
Thank you! I think I'll be ordering them for my Tusk handguards. The bars cant be all that different can they?

The Parabellum shield is insane. Initially, I felt nothing up to 40 mph on side streets. I got on a main highway and got the bike up to 70. Everything felt great except this annoying ticking coming from the top of my helmet. Turns out it was the air vents on my helmet, if they are closed they make noise, if they are open I hear nothing. I hear everything on the bike now, it actually sounds much louder because there is no wind to drown out the sound. The shield make me ride a little faster as well, mainly because there is NO air pressure on my chest at all. The weirdest thing was that I my legs are freezing in Jeans and my core stayed very warm, guess its something I'll have to get used to (plus my riding pants will help a bunch). I went WOT and got the bike up to 87, I have some nasty vibration issues at that speed, but again, I barely feel the speed.

I know the DR is not made for 85+ mph, but what could be causing such a front end shake at that speed? The bike is smooth as can be around 70-78 mph...
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