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Woke up at 4am to get organised to go on the drive to Moremi Game Reserve, got to sleep really early so that helped. I had organised late last night that i'd leave some of my gear in the room and if the room was still available id stay again. I had checked with the Alpha Guest house as a back up as I knew id be stuffed by later in the day and the last thing id feel like doing is running around looking for somewhere to sleep. I took off from Maun and rode over to where the guys were leaving from, gave myself plenty of time didnt want to hoot along the road in the dark, its not something you would make a habit of in Africa theres animals everywhere not to mention the local inhabitants are pretty well camouflaged as well in the dark, I've just been told that last statement is politically incorrect pffft whatever its the truth, what am I supposed to say all you see is there bit white smiles, gawd help me what is the world coming too when you can't even speak the truth for the fear hurting someone's feelings.

Arrived at their lodge at 4:50am so had a few minutes up my sleeve to get what I needed off the bike. Christof and Bei turned up shortly after so we started walking up to the gate, as we did the guide turned up in what can only be described as a shit heap, my immediate reaction was this is going to be a loooong day. There was another older couple from Belguim so that was nice for Christof and Bei to have someone from their own country. I ended up jumping in the front seat with the guide Innocent, and yeah that was his name. We hit the road, the shit heap just putting along at about 70k's id be surprised if it did more than that. Was a long trip to Moremi at that speed and as it was dark was just a long slow drive. We finally arrived at the park, Innocent went and did all the paperwork and I walked around and had a look at the boards and then read the local paper which had an in depth article on the plane crashes that happened in the delta in the last few weeks.

Innocent parked the car over the road and set up for breakfeast and I went over and joined them. Breakfast was just a roll with peanut butter on it and coffee pretty basic but it was all I needed to be happy. We packed up after breakfast and all jumped into the truck and headed off into the park. We had only gone about 15 minutes and Innocent spotted a cheetah and its cub sitting under a tree, ok thats pretty cool. We sit there for 10 or 15 minutes watching them then decide to move on and click click wizz yep you guest it the shit heap isnt going anywhere. Innocent gets out to have a look and theres no bar to hold the hood up so he's standing there looking like what the fuck i dont know puts the hood down pretty much straight away walks back to the drivers door to try it again and turns to me and says do you know mechanics Sheldon, Hilarious, Ok ive owned a few shitheaps in my time and that wizzing sound to me sounded like the starter motor so I say give me a look. I grab one long stick and jam it in the hood to keep it up and another shorter one to bash the starter motor. Bang bang bang getting a strange look from Innocent and im sure the others were thinking what the hell is this Aussie bashing under the hood. Walk back to the drivers window and broom broom away it goes. So the crew grab a picture of me holding the saving stick and the cheetar in the background behind me, I jumped back in and just said thats what we call bush mechanics baby hahaha was quite funny.

Drove on saw a few crocs hippos lots of birds, giraffe, monkeys, stacks of impala, kudu and a few others. As we got to where we were going to turn around and head back Innocent put it in reverse to do a uturn and crunch crunch, i said mate that doesent sound good. We drive about 2 k's down the rough sandy road and theres just smoke pissing out from somewhere underneath the truck. Innocent says ill find some shade and we will have some lunch and have a look. This really didnt look good i tried to lighten the mood by saying go easy on lunch we might need that in a few days.

Obviously the chick that owned this vehicle and set up had bought it 25 years ago and not upgraded a single thing since. I was having a laugh about it but I could tell the older couple were far from impressed and I must admit even for me whose pretty easygoing it was pretty friggin ordinary. So here we are 45k's into the park major dramas with the truck Innocent asking me if I have a satelite phone, i asked him why and he says just in case i have ring the rangers. I said they arent going to help you cause when we first arrived I talked to one of the rangers about how he works and he told me they do 5 weeks in the park and then 10 days off and thats its quite fun they usually just drive around but all the vehicle's are in Maun at the moment being serviced so there isnt any rangers coming to help. On a seriously note operators like this should be reported its quite dangerous taking unroadworthy vechiles into a game reserve with no way of getting help. As we packed up lunch I just said to him your just going to have to drive mate and not think about whats going on underneath and hope it doesent stop.

We start off and it just keeps chugging along we had to take the the main route back to the gate and not along the water so there was no animals to be seen. Finally we got back to the main gate with still a few hours driving to go but at least we were out of the wild life park and the killer donkeys dont really pose to much of a threat. I turned to the others and said the sad part of the day is that the best thing we will probably see all day is home lol we ended up arriving home not long after 4 and we were all the very relieved that we got there.

I talked to Innocent on the way home the operator pays him just under 50 Aussie bucks for the whole 12 hour day its such a rort over here if you ever want to start a business and dont mind shafting the workers, Africa is the place for you. 600 odd bucks 50 for labour obviously nothing on the up keep of the truck there's good money to be made here, I find it pretty disgusting actually and one of the main things I dont like. Its not an isolated thing its just part of the way it works over here as unfair as it is. It really is just wrong. Anyway enough of my whinging.

Stayed and had a drink with Bei and Christof then had to make tracks I wanted to grab my pc out of the shop so I could hit the road early in the morning. Picked that up, they couldnt work it out so no joy on that front. Got back to the Cresta and my room is still there, oh happy days thats a releif im stuffed. Walked over grabbed a rump steak for dinner and back to the room to chill.Pretty good day with lots of interesting stuff, my back is pretty sore from bumping around in that shit heap, but harden up princess. Ill head somewhere tomorrow where to im not sure.

The old shitbox we went into the park in

Some of the animals we saw on the day in the Moremi Game Reserve

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