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Had a good nights sleep I actually was dead to the world not long after hitting the fart sack and didnt budge till i woke up at 3:30 with all the lights still on so im guessing I was tired.

Ended up waking up at 6am bloody hippos making a racket outside my window, fair dinkum, thought about hurling some abuse at them but im trying to find inner peace ahahaha not to mention me and that huge hippo might be related, im sure ive been with his mother somewhere along the line. Yeah thats right, you bitch ahahahah i wonder why im single, ive got no idea.

Went over had breakfeast and packed slowly so ended up hitting the road a around 8am. Im only riding to Katimo Mulilo the border crossing between Namibia and Zambia and it was only about 350 k's so should be there at a good time and nothing to strenuous. Top up with fuel up the road and that was it I had 3 odd hours of just riding along a dead straight road.

At one stage I had to stop as I was getting sore again but I thought I haven't got far to go today so I wont push it and when I feel like I need a break ill have one. They had said ill see elephants on the Caprivi Strip but not only did I not see any elephants I didnt see one elephant crap on the road so a good sign there was f$&k all of them around. There were signs saying elephants everywhere and a speed limit of 80 kmh but I wasnt to fussed and sat on a cruising speed of about 150+ k's.

Came across two brothers Simon and Phillip that had cycled from Luzern in Switzerland down the west coast of Africa but then had to fly across to Nairobi as they had some issues getting their visa's sorted for Angola. We chatted for awhile talking about the roads in Namibia and pointed out which the roads they had penned in on their trip that were dirt. They had been travelling for just over a year. I gave them my South African sim card for the phone cause im pretty sure it had a few hundred rand of credit on it and I wont be using it again. That reminds me I should email them the phone number that goes with it. Simon asked me what I want for it I just said you can buy me a beer in Switzerland. They still had a fair bit of riding today, they asked me if there was a village up ahead where they could get something to eat, I told them there was a village not far up the road but after I got back on my bike and rode off I thought hang on I was doing 150kmh it might take them awhile longer on a pushbike in the heat, oh well they'll get there eventually.

Back on the road and only a 150k's or so to go was starting to get a bit warmish 37 up to 39 but after the last week 37 was paradise. Arrived in Katimo Mulilo and saw a lodge right on the town with a soccer game going on across the road so that was me, firstly though ill go check out the soccer. Stopped and watched in the shade for half an hour talking to a few of the boys found out there were a few other games on today so said ill go check in a come back over.

Got a nice little cabin air con fridge so all good and 240 rand a night 30 odd aussie bucks or whatever it is. Parked the bike went inside and relaxed for a little while. I still had a few Namibian bucks that once I crossed the border would be useless to me so went for a walk to the servo next door to get a drink and there was a group of kids collecting water as the town water was off, so grabbed 10 cans of drinks and went outside with a few bags of cokes fantas etc and the kids all hooked in. While I was walking back in to get my own drink a few older blokes who were working there saw what I had just done and with a smile on their faces were jestering where's ours, I went into the shop and thought why not and bought the boys a 6 pack of Windhoek Lager to share. When I walked over with them they were stoked, at 48 rand a six pack or about 6 bucks Aussie it was a good way to make friends.

Headed back over to the soccer and watched for a few hours, not real flash standard but the pitch looked crap though it had grass and was pretty even contests the games I saw. It was still really hot so they certainly were doing it tough out in the middle. Said my goodbyes to a few of the boys then left about 5 to walk over to Pick and Pay the local supermarket to get dinner, they always have hot meals for sale in the supermarkets and alot of people eat in them so they have to be ok. Went back to the cabin and chilled watching tv. Walked over to watch the Sharks Golden Lions Currie Cup Final unfortunately the Sharks got touched up. Was thinking of Tizi, Caryn, JJ and all the crew would of been upset but cant win it every year I guess.

Basically a pretty good day sort of undecided what to do tomorrow may even stay a day or two here im pretty sure Victoria Falls isnt going anywhere and theres another day of soccer on tomorrow.
Adios or in Namibia I should say Guten Nacht.
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