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Oh wow ... It has been a while...
But soon I'll catch up to all my RR's from the year !!!!

Here is what is going on to make our speed faster.....

A very long read.........

OK let me back up and tell the story about this little Black box...

Last Sunday we tried the loaner MiFi til Thursday.. Well my Laptop saw it right away...

The desktop that is newer not so lucky..So I had to go back out and get a wireless router eye from Radio Shack (50+miles round trip).. That took 4 hours to get the desktop to see it..

And an hour of tech help that did nothing but go over all the same stuff I had done multiple times.. The end with them, was well I can't help you..

So I hacked into it for a few more hours,and Bingo !! I finally got it to work..

So Monday- Thursday was Internet bliss in at the farm till Thursday morning...

Brought the Mifi back and said sign US up, we will take the big $$$ plunge.. And buy the unit ..

As I'm doing the paper work I see the little box is different !! Whoa !! I said that's NOT the SAMEONE !!! The Guy says it's the Same just a different brand ... Well the flag goes up !!! I again said but that's NOT the one I tested... He tells me we are out of the MiFi right now..I think to myself I can wait...

He said it will work don't worry... Everyone in the Verizon store said it is the better of the 2 ... OK I guess they know their equipment..

But I did find out this one was 35 bucks more !!! ... They waived my sign up fee ($35).. Ok that's fair...

I said what happens if this DOESN'T work at my location... My rep said just bring it back and we will exchange it..LOL. yes I read a few things (As I'm just standing around waiting) and said but there is a restocking fee of $35 !! He said not to worry we will waive it .. OK that sounds fair once again ..

(To self why not just give me the one I tried ,that I know works)..

Well 2+ hours later .. Yes it took 2+ hours to do the paper work..

So I bring our little black box home ... Hook it up and both computers don't like it !!!

At this point I'm very pissed ..(I would have waited for the MiFi) Hell we have had dial-up for 11+ years another week would be no biggy..

I worked 2 hours on my laptop.. Then called a tech help and they worked another hour and we got the laptop working with the samsung...

Ok now to the desktop.. That didn't like it at all... 3 hours of rebooting typing with the tech and still a NO GO !!! I tell tech I have get to work on supper ,Can you give me a call around 9 pm.. (Sure I can ) Yuppers never called back..

Well at this time I have such a tension headache (I NEVER get these left temple is bounding) We grab a bite of food and I go back to hacking on the desk top.. I reboot a few more times And I finally get it to see the black box and Internet !!!!

Now for the kicker the black box doesn't like the signal here on the mountain ,it sux !!! it's way to weak for our mountains... Keeps freezing up and canít find the Internet can't display the page Ö (Why me)

I called version Friday morning and tell them what is going on .. And another rep says: well bring your laptop here and we will get it up and working ... I laugh and say I'm 50 miles round trip, I don't think I bringing my laptop to you .. Plus of course it's going to work at your place.. It's at my location on Mountain that's the problem !!!

So she said bring the Samgung back ,pay the fee and we will give you the MiFi !! I ask is my rep there ? No he will be back Monday.. I told her what he said about the waiving of restocking fee.. She said you will have to work that out with him... Oh here's the other kicker she said they have the MiFi in stock itís on the top shelf in the back!!!

So today I'll make that run all the way back to Cedar Bluff and get my black box changed to the one I know works on my mountain...With a good signal..

Well that's the story behind my black box... LOL... I'll let ya know how my Monday goes...

The only thing that makes all these trips back and forth worth while is I rode every time ...

Even Thursday is the rain !!
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