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Woke up at 7am thinking good time to leave but looked at all my gear and thought stuff it im just going to go for a ride around here and see if I missed anything. Well surprise surprise I didnt but spent time on the Zambezi River which was nice. Thought id go to the bank while I was in town to get some US dollars for when I cross the border so thats just another thing taken care of.

Had a chat to a few of the security guys outside the bank, I must admit this town is supposed to be lower on the socio economic scale than a few other places in Namibia but I havent been approached once so far and asked for anything, ok other than the boys the other day after they saw me giving the kids a drink. It seems really nice and the people pretty friendly.

Came back at around 10ish it was already 38c so came inside and enjoyed the air con for awhile. Hung around, my little cabin is right up the front of this place which is cool I just have to sit on the verandah and someone eventually stops for a brief hello. They are all Namibians or whatever around here so english isnt their first language so the conversations are generally fairly brief but its fun trying to chat anyway.

Went for a walk to grab some lunch and one of the boys that I grabbed the beers for the other days waved and shouted howsit. I went into the shop and while I was waiting for my burger to be cooked I stuck my head out the door and gestered to him does he want a drink, as you can imagine in nearly 40 degree heat a big smile came to his face and he came over to the shop. I just said grab what you like so he goes and grabs a strawberry yogurt and I pay for his drink and he takes off outside while I wait for my burger. As I walk out I see him giving his mate a slug so I walk over and ask if he wants one too and of course silly question so I slip him 50 rand and off he runs to grab it.*

He comes back hands me the change and we all sit around having a drink jibbering, they reckon they could live on one of the yogurts a day for the rest of their life so im guessing they are enjoying it.

I head back to my cabin theres a few little tackers near the gate their mums have a little stall selling bits and pieces to make a few bucks.

This afternnon I thought Id go over to the shop and buy a red texta to colour the red in on my aussie flag on my bike which has faded. While im walking over one of the security guys I was talking to this morning comes past on his shitty old push bike and with a big smile on his face shouts out this my BMW hahaha to funny

While im at the shops I decide to buy a full pack of texta and a drawing book for the kids over near the entrance to the lodge. As I walked back I stopped at their stall and said I bought these but I only need the red *one would you like these for the kids. As you can imagine they were very happy and I went out a little while later and the kids and mums were all drawing and colouring. Its not much it cost like 30 rand or about 4 aussie bucks *but they probably dont make enough money to go lash out on things like that and its nice to see people smiling.

Its really nice to just hang around and slowly get to know people around here and meeting a lot of them at the soccer over the weekend, I can imagine this town is one that travellers would rarely stop for more than just a night which is fair enough cause there is sweet fa here but the people are really nice, I like it here but tomorrow im leaving for the Victoria Falls. I think at 240 rand a night im saving money on my budget hahaha budget who cares, trip of a life time, ill do whatever I want cause when I go home im just going to grow old become a cranky old f$&k and complain about how bad my back is. I can hear it now piss off ya young whipper snapper or ill give ya a strappin to an inch of your life. I cant wait.
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