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These past days at and around “The Oasis”, TX

It is Halloween night... I doubt anyone will find us while out “trick or treating”... Maybe “we” should go there as it seems this year everyone is really going all out for the fun. Maybe a sign of the times trying to put away the daily increasing burdens which too much I think is being written all over the place...
A few rides in Big Bend National Park lately, we love riding those roads, we love being spoken rudely by a Ranger as he even makes a fist branding it back and forth to show me how to restrain Spirit on a leash as he was going to start boxing... and that is without even getting out of his car. I have no clue why “we” have to pay the price almost ruining our moments only because of other irresponsible ones and their Dogs. But, whatever... Smile and go on it was. I only nodded, words were not needed.
It will be the “Day of the Dead” Celebration soon in a couple evenings. Always a special night at Terlingua's “Ghost Town” with many Friends, much food, music and I hope the annual bonfire...
Spending much time trying to fill and put the finishing touches to this “one-pan recipe” store. Everything as in Life takes twice as long as imagined and twice as hard. Should be soon if I was told the codes (???) decide to cooperate. We are so due for some unknown destination once all is settled as the weather has finally turned just right. Perfect I would say.
More photos of the Ghost Town we stopped by last night to witness an incredible Sunset and also Part II of our ride on River Rd last week.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit
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