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I can hear Mr Cob laughing his ass off over that little run in. Sweet rig, now if you could get Creeper in that sidecar and repeat that mud hole experience, the laughter would never stop!!

Great pix.....


Originally Posted by Mr. Cob
Howdy Cyborg,

I just got back from my Idaho road trip so this is the first time I have seen your report, good job on the write up

What Cyborg failed to mention is that I scared the livin shit out of myself when playing in the mud hole I was totally unprepared for what happened when we reached the far end and the bike got traction. The rear tire had spun up to a good speed while in the mud, when we hit solid ground it got traction and the front wheel climbed into the air the rig jerked violently to the right and into the brush, darn near throwing me over the handlebars, I hung on and rode it out till we came to a stop At which point I almost felt a need to relive myself Of course not wanting to excite my passenger I made like it was not really that big of a deal as I slipped the rig into reverse and backed out of the brush and onto the road again

Thanks for riding along Cyborg, it was a learning experience for me and I hope an enjoyable jaunt in the country for you
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