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Originally Posted by Sergeev View Post
So question for the US folks who did something like this.
Do you have to report change of color to DMV? Do you need to update Title or Insurance if you go from say Red to Blue? How much effort and money is it?

I wouldn't want to try to explain a cop that it really is a red bike, it just looks very blue
Not sure if that would go over well, especially if he pulled me over for something else...
The color issue will vary from State to State. Many States don't list vehicle color in the registration information. For the ones taht do, keep in mind that the change in color is only temporary and the bike can be changed back to the original, registered color in a very short period of time. If the State you live in is very picky when it comes to vehicle color information, you may want to pose the question to the State DMV.

And to the OP, what a great idea! I wonder how well it would work over a plastic tank, ie would it bubble up like grapics do, or could it be used to affix graphics without bubbling. Hmmm...

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