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Originally Posted by cyclebot View Post
We will try them with the Free Talk Radios you are having issues with. I am thinking maybe the issue is with your headset or maybe with speaker placement.

The Midland CB and GMRS and Motorola radios I have tested them with all have ample volume output.
It will be interesting to hear the results of your Kenwood TK-3131 test. However, my application requires the use of a Motorola twin-pin connector with radios that have a removable antenna. I had trouble with the Motorola's and then tried the Kenwood just to see if it worked any better. Which Motorola radios did you test with? Single-pin or dual-pin?

Speaker placement is not an issue. As I mentioned in my review, the test was done with an SMH10/SR10 combo on one end, and a two-way radio being held in the hand on the other end. Microphone placement isn't the issue either since SMH10 to SMH10 helmet to helmet works great with plenty of volume, and during my two-way radio test I pushed the microphone right against my lips and the volume was still quite low.

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