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Crossing Beaver Dam Wash and entering Nevada

Great day for a ride with Dad. About 100 miles total. Roughly 25 on pavement over the Utah Hill on Old Highway 91, then 25 on dirt (Eardley Rd) out to Beaver Dam Wash, and in to Nevada. Returned the same way. There are some big loops out there (all the way towards Caliente, NV). Once you cross Beaver Dam Wash and enter Nevada, this is really isolated territory. Don't run out of gas!

Here's the map:

Just past Shivwitz, starting up the Utah Hill on Old 91. It will be cold, but we were ready for it. About 60 degrees in St. George today. Probably only 50 on the Utah Hill. Slightly warmer once in Nevada.

Nice new sign -- perhaps "stimulus" money -- on the backside of the Utah Hill. This is a very, very nice road for street bikes if you're inclined that way.

Dad turning off onto dirt / gravel at the Eardley Road, just past Castle Cliff.

Here's the sign to look for. There is a private game ranch at the "end" of this road near Beaver Dam Wash. Shown on the map.

Our road. Utah Hill in background.

This is the land of the Joshua Trees. Some of the best in the area. Slightly lower elevation. Lots of southern and western exposures. Just enough water.

Dad with older sign. We're going to Nevada!

Desert plants.

There are a couple of intersections out here. Stay on the main road, heading west, slightly dropping elevation toward Beaver Dam Wash. Indian Canyon leads back east towards West Mountain Peak and Hellhole Pass, also a very good ride.

Dad cruisin' in Honda red! Nice contrast with green and brown. Makes the pic pop a little.

Follow signs to Lytle Ranch, even though it is closed to the public. (Doesn't appear to be much there.)

Entering the Beaver Dam Wash area. Somewhat popular with birdwatchers, hence the binoculars sign.

Definitely some old stuff around. Let's go take a look.

Ford -- missing the blue oval.

Old equipment.

Details. Slow changes with time and weather.

Found this old beauty.

Both Ford and GMC equipment. Door signage. Perhaps an old oil truck.

Rear of the GMC.

The whole scene. An abandoned desert oasis at Beaver Dam Wash . . .

Chillin' out! RVing in style!!!

Outdoor kitchen. This place was ahead of its time!

Small nearby cottage.

Lets look inside. Oops, kinda messy.

Outdoor dining.

And outdoor sleeping.

You knew it was coming. Gotta check out the bed. Hope the lovely wife doesn't see this. She'll burn the clothes.

View downstream in Beaver Dam Wash. Quite a bit of water running for this time of year.

View up the wash. Impressive bluff, more impressive in person.

Vehicle carnage by the side of the wash. Looks like a smaller school bus.

Animal tracks.

Dried mud. At times in the year, this wash is uncrossable. It has taken out houses downstream in Beaver Dam, Arizona.

Old ranch stuff around, some still in use.

Lytle Ranch itself is closed.

The road crosses the wash and continues towards Nevada.

Dad gettin' ready . . .

And drivin' right on though! Right on Dad.

Actually, it was easy for him.

And keeps on going!

Climbing out of Beaver Dam Wash. The view back down where we just were. And in the distance (eastward) West Mountain Peak.

Soon, the Utah - Nevada state line.

Some Nevada destinations. Lots and lots of exploring to do. I haven't been out here on dirt much, only on the paved roads of eastern Nevada. Rugged and remote.

Road is still good, just not quite as substantial. Utah must have more money.

After a few more miles, we descended into a second major wash, Bull Valley Wash. We made this our turnaround point.

Windmill pumping water for cattle nearby.

King-size Joshua Trees. Lots of healthy specimens. No fire damage this far west.

Heading back towards Utah.

Dad havin' fun, blastin' back through Beaver Dam Wash.

Last look at the bluffs of Beaver Dam Wash. Afternoon light now.

On the Eardley Road, back out towards Old Highway 91. Utah Hill in distance.

Back to pavement. This is the sign to look for. This is the easiest access point to Beaver Dam Wash. Enjoy!

Thanks for ridin' along. Stay safe.

Road ride to Springdale on Thursday with a few guys. Any ADVers welcome to join. Leaving St. George just after 1 pm. Let me know if interested. Cheers!

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